Amy Nordstrom hand-made jewelry

An exquisite sculpture on your body, a piece by Amy Nordstrom is “inspired by nature and forged by hand.” Amy’s training included study in sculpture, and she is continually inspired by texture and forms in nature. The artist’s hand is evident in every piece. Her unique shapes, hand-hammered sparkle, and sinuous natural lines are truly captivating. Every time I wear a piece by Amy, people stop me and comment on its beauty. Complete strangers gasp, “Where did you get that?” Earnestly socially conscious, Amy uses up-cycled gold and silver, consciously sourced gemstones and fair trade diamonds. Her company emphasizes environmentally-sustainable business practices and workplace systems, and encourages progressive policies for women such as flexible work hours to accommodate raising a family. Amy Nordstrom’s studio is in the San Francisco Bay Area in Sausalito, California.


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