Gifts born in fairness bring equality and prosperity to people all over the world. 

Many of the items we purchase seem wonderful on the surface, but they have a dark side. There are companies in every industry that maximize profits by engaging in human rights abuses ranging from poor working conditions to slavery, and some of those brands might surprise you.  When profit is the primary motivation, many manufacturers take a careless attitude towards the environment.  The human and ecological cost of this race to the bottom line is incalculable – the news headlines barely scratch the surface. Is there anything you as a conscious consumer can do to stop supporting these destructive cycles?

Yes, there is: vote with your dollars.  When enough people do this, global industry will have no choice but to raise standards for ethical and fair trade consumer goods. SHOP ETHICAL AND FAIR has been created as a resource to help you find gifts for yourself and others that promote fairness for people and care for our environment. 

Our SHOP page offers a sampling of ethical and Fair Trade shopping sites that carry an appealing variety of goods made by companies with strong ethical standards.  The LEARN, ACT and CONNECT pages are designed to bring out the curious, compassionate social activist in all of us.  

Click the LEARN tab to find media and websites full of accessible information on the problems of human trafficking and workers rights.

Then, click over to our ACT page to learn about ways in which ordinary citizens can make a contribution through mindful purchasing, raising awareness, and adding our voices and efforts to the rising tide of good in the world.  

The CONNECT page is where we explore further with articles on various ethical lifestyle subjects and this is where we connect with you.  SHOP ETHICAL AND FAIR is a non-profit community experiment, and we hope you’ll feel inspired to help the site evolve.  Here are some ways you can do just that:

  • Post the delightful gifts you find on our Facebook Page.
  • Challenge your friends on Facebook to buy ethical and Fair Trade holiday gifts.
  • Share links you encounter that can help keep us all informed.
  • Let us know how you choose to vote for fairness in the world.

Thanks for being an ethical shopper, and for spreading the word about all the many ways we can give each other the gift of a more just and sustainable world.